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Solara Mental Health

Solara Mental Health Picture Box
Getting treatment for mental health issues can alleviate the pain and burden that you face within your mind that hampers your daily life. At Solara Mental Health we provide you with the treatments and tools that you need to overcome this pain and burden in order to better yourself. We are located in sunny San Diego, CA and have been providing the finest behavioral health care programs since 2004. Our expert staff are well trained to assist you on your treatment plan in order to make sure that you can achieve the results that you are seeking. Our ethos revolves around a culture of caring, support and comfort to maximize your atmosphere while you are here. So if you need any treatments in relation to anxiety, trauma, personality, mood, eating and psychotic disorders, you can count on us. We offer treatments for these and many other additional mental health issues. Give us a call at 844-600-9747 to get the help that you need.

Solara Mental Health

1321 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109



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